JGL On...

This page contains quotations from famous Girl Scouts on a variety of topics. Check them out!

JGL On... "Saying No"

"When I returned to the States and wanted to start the Girl Scouts, I knew I needed some help. The first woman I approached tried to tell me she wasn't interested. I pretended that my deafness prevented me from hearing her refusals. And told her, "Then that's settled. I've told my girls you will take the meeting next Thursday." I never heard a word of argument from her again!"

JGL On... Earning Badges

"Every badge you earn is tied up to your motto. This badge is not a reward for something you have done once or for an examination you have passed. Badges are not medals to wear on your sleeve to show what a smart girl you are. A badge is a symbol that you have done the thing it stands for often enough, thoroughly enough, and well enough to BE PREPARED to give service in it. You wear the badge to let people know that you are prepared and willing to be called on because you are a Girl Scout. And Girl Scouting is not just knowing.....but doing.....not just doing, but being"

JGL on... What Girls Want

When asked what the girls should do, Juliette responded, "What do the girls WANT to do?"

JGL on... Doing the Right Thing

Right is right, even if no one else does it.

JGL on... Friendship

Ours is a circle of friendships united by ideals.

JGL on... The Purpose of Girl Scouting

I hope that during the coming year we shall all remember the rules of this Girl Scouting game of ours. They are: To play fair. To play in your place. To play for your side and not for yourself. And as for the score, the best thing in a game is the fun and not the result.

JGL on... The Scouting Spirit

A Tree for the Future

Every spring
The sap rises in the trees
From root to branch
And  makes a tree that looks dead
Blossom with green leaves
And life.
So it  is that the Scouting Spirit
Rises within you and
Inspires you to put  forth
Your best.
By Juliette Gordon Low